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Ten Gay Guys To Avoid on the Dating Scene

mature gay datingThey say experience is the greatest teacher. If there is one thing that many gay singles have learnt, it's that there are certain types of guys who are not worth the trouble to date. There is no doubt that there are plenty of great gay guys around to date. If you are looking for one, here is how to spot the red flags, so you don't get stuck with any of the undesirables.

1. The One-night Lover

If you are looking for a real relationship, stay away from this one. This bad boy will just break your heart. He is not looking for a real relationship or gay romance, no, he just wants to hook-up. So if you are looking for a committed partner, this bad boy is only after a night of fun.

2. The Cheapskate

This penny pinching guy will make no effort to reach for his wallet when it's time to pay when you're at the movies or out to dinner. He always has an excuse like "I forgot my wallet" or "that's too expensive." His cheapskate behaviour normally starts early in the dating process. If he is placed in a situation where he has to pay, he will nickel and dime it.

3. The Underachiever

You know these gay singles, they're incredibly hot, but are all about the games, couch, eating and lounging. In other words just lazy. They have no future aspirations outside of the living room or the club in town, where you can find them most nights or weekends.

4. The Opportunist

If you find that you are with an opportunist, then you are definitely dating a loser. Get rid of him. He is only with you for what you can offer him momentarily, as soon as someone better comes along he will jump ship and move on.

5. The Party Guy

This is another type of guy you want to avoid if you are looking for a serious relationship. The party guy is immature and is like a boy who is trapped in a man's body.

6. The Narcissist

This guy has a lot of confidence and is very judgmental. He is self-absorbed and will make decisions that only benefits him. Anything he doesn't do or like he will not hesitate to tell you to follow suit. Since he is not willing to compromise, your relationship will not survive with a guy like this. Run from this man immediately.

7. Mr. Attention Seeker

He always wants attention wherever he's at. He is often loud, dramatic, inappropriate and embarrassing. He thrives on attention and if he is not getting it, he will find a way to. If you're uncomfortable being watched by strangers due to the actions of your obnoxious and loud friend, then don't waste your time on this guy.

8. The Drama Queen

A drama queen is not too hard to spot and you will find many gay singles like this. They often make mountains out of molehills and are always dragging you into their world of craziness. Mr. Drama Queen is addicted to chaos and confusion. He is always overreacting, freaking out about something and is on a non-stop emotional roller coaster.

9 The Mama's Boy

Nothing is wrong with having a good and healthy relationship with your mother. But, there is a time when the relationship is too tight. Mama's boys come in all shapes and sizes and dating one comes with a lot of challenges. Gay singles like this will rely on their mothers for frequent inputs about your relationship as well as for emotional support. Another down-side to dating a mama's boy is you will have a permanent third wheel in the relationship.

10. The Manipulator

Starting a gay relationship with this guy is bad. This is the guy who will say all the right things to get what he wants and once he no longer needs you he will move on. A manipulator is emotionally unpredictable and he will treat you according to his mood swings. He will prey on your vulnerabilities and often use your own words against you in order to get what he wants. He will put you down in front of others and blame you for his bad behaviour. When you decide you have had enough, he will be sweet, apologetic and promise to change. No thanks!

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