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Gay Romance: 5 Reasons To Give The Geeky Guy or Gal A Bloody Shot

Geeks, nerds or whatever you call them are not only great people, but they are great at many things. They are gifted when it comes to academics, and some of them are excellent partners. Often overlooked, they have often been stereotyped as unsatisfying or not so great at pleasing their partners. But this is not true!

gay datingWhile you're driving yourself crazy trying to impress Ms. Beautiful or Mr. Cool, there is a really intelligent gay guy or lesbian who might actually make a much better partner. It's time for you to grow up and see that the kind-natured, slightly disheveled, nerd that is standing in the shadows is dying for you to notice them or better yet ask them out. If you're still not convinced, here are five great reasons why you should consider giving a geek a bloody shot.

1. Open to Suggestions.

What girl or gay guy would pass up a chance to make someone over? You have just found your blank canvas or your new project. While they are super smart, most geeks gay or not, get a failing mark when it comes to fashion. Most nerds are a diamond in the rough. This means you can style and transform your new love interest into your own personal hottie with a little bit of grooming and a few wardrobe updates.

2. They Are Low Maintenance.

Most geeky gay singles do not care about designer products or labels. They won't be in front of the mirror or in the bathroom for nearly an hour trying to get ready. They aren't the type who will be particular about how you dress or how much your clothes actually cost.

3. You Won't Be Taken For Granted.

Although they are sometimes awkward, geeks are usually loyal and sincere. We all value loyalty in our relationships and most of these guys and girls have it in spades. They are really serious about it and they do not play games. Computer games yes, relationship games not so much. They make good friends, are honest, trustworthy and will most times value you much more than other partners. Except for when they are watching Star Trek or Battlestar Galactica reruns or looking forward to Comic Con.

4. Down to Earth

Not only will you have a humble partner, but they prefer brains over vanity. They will understand and sympathize with your dilemmas and are very cute when you give them a compliment. They may even blush and your parents will really like them.

5. They Are Successful

If a successful partner is what you're looking for, most geeks would make the cut. Geeks have impressive jobs and are quite successful in their careers. They are financial stable, working in high-paying industries and are the ones who make the big bucks.

Most geek gay singles are interesting, loving, smart and responsible. They are thoughtful, well mannered, respectful, and when they commit, you can bet on a long term gay relationship. All in all, gay geeks are most definitely for keeps, you just need to give them a shot!

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